Save Rural Broadband: Montana

Watch how 22 communities throughout Western Montana critically rely on broadband access to run their schools, businesses and hospitals.

Save Rural Broadband: Minnesota

Rural Minnesota relies on communication infrastructures to bring in professional businesses, maintain hospitals and schools. Access to broadband services is the primary way to keep the economy going.

Save Rural Broadband: Missouri

Rural Missouri relies heavily on broadband access to bring jobs to their communities, efficient run their schools, business and hospital and stay connected by bridging the gap.

Save Rural Broadband: Rural Texas

Hear the stories of businesses and organizations in rural Texas that rely on high-speed broadband access to meet their responsibilities.

Save Rural Broadband: California

Learn how people in Amador County, California rely on broadband services everyday for their businesses.

Save Rural Broadband: Message From Former Senator Dorgan

Former United States Senator Byron Dorgan discusses how critical it is for us to work together as a community and ensure that we all have advanced broadband services throughout the country.